On the Issues

Common Sense for the Common Good

Beam’s record speaks for itself. Learn more about issues Beam has initiated and supported in Broward County.

Protect the Environment

South Florida is ground zero for the climate crisis. As co-chair of the Climate Change Task Force, Beam helped write and then signed the Southeast Florida Climate Change Compact 2.0 as well as the recently adopted Climate Change Action Plan. He helped in the creation of the Southeast Florida Coral Reef Ecosystem Conservation Area. He sponsored the Ban Fracking bill that passed that ultimately prevented oil drilling in Broward’s Everglades. He is Co-Chair of the Solid Waste Working Group that is creating a framework with all the cities to effectively deal with solid waste and recycling far into Broward County’s future.

Affordable Housing

While Mayor, Beam was instrumental in creating the Interlocal Agreement focusing on affordable housing between the City of Hollywood and the County. This has become a model for the use of future CRA funds. Where possible, he has pushed hard for home ownership because he knows the benefits not only to the homeowner but the neighborhood itself with the addition of stakeholders. 

Economic Development

Small businesses are the backbone of our local economy, and Beam has always worked to support the needs of small business owners. He has advocated for local businesses to get their share of county contracts. Especially during the pandemic, Beam worked to offer resources to small businesses that were struggling. He’ll continue to offer programs that attract and help small businesses succeed. At the same time, he has been supportive of all of our economic engines, knowing the benefits they bring to the county as a whole.

Expand Transportation Networks

Modern cities and counties require a modern transportation system, and Beam has always advocated investing in our roadways, buses, trains, and other modes of transportation. Beam spearheaded the Penny for Transportation surtax, which was supported by an overwhelming majority of voters, and this funding continues to be used to reduce congestion and increase mobility, all with an eye to reducing emissions where possible.

Improve Education Opportunities

As a teacher, Beam knows the value of uplifting future generations of leaders. He has led the effort to create county partnerships to improve education programs and offerings, including innovative programs between the Broward County Library system and Broward County Public Schools. As a member of the Children’s Services Council and Co-Chair of Broward Reads,  he will continue his efforts to strengthen the early education opportunities throughout the region.

Criminal Justice Reform

Although the County Commission does not directly oversee the justice system, we can work in partnership to create necessary reforms to the criminal justice system. Beam has co-sponsored the decriminalization of marijuana in the county and encouraged the use of civil citations for juveniles for non-violent crimes.


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